Who can benefit from Voice Training?



The often-overlooked matter of verbal communication is, essentially, one of the most important elements to creating success and self-confidence in any industry.


… And yet we hardly even think about it on a daily basis.


Improving our diction – takes as little as 10 minutes a day – and can make life-altering and lasting change immediately.


Whether you’re a foreign professional or English is your first language,  the way you speak is one of the first things people notice.

Anyone can benefit from strong communication skills.

Joanna Gray is a renowned international voice coach and has trained doctors, lecturers , CEOs and actors, to name but a few.

Whatever your profession or nationality, you can benefit from Voice Training and  you might be pleased to know that just a few simple, easy to learn, daily habits can REDUCE any accent and breach the communication barrier, guiding you towards more confident and clear communication.


Read on to learn how Joanna Gray helps her students to achieve terrific advancement in their respective fields…


Joanna is a renowned Voice Coach with over twenty year’s experience of improving:


  • Projection, clarity & audibility
  • Reducing Accents – foreign & regional
  • Building confidence
  • Overcoming speech difficulties, stammers and stutters
  • Increasing productivity in the work force with strong communication skills
  • Writing CVs, Business Letters, Speech writing & Presentation skills
  • Marketing & Sales techniques
  • NLP methods & Assertiveness techniques
  • Writing, proof reading & creating speeches for special events such as weddings, corporate presentations & celebrations of all kinds


As well as offering online tuition, to make one-to-one coaching easy no matter where you are, Joanna has a range of programmes available on audio CD with accompanying workbooks through her website at http://voice-training.org/


Her new programme, Accent Reduction, focuses on reducing accents whether regional or foreign that will help you wherever your place of origin.


With just 10 minutes of daily exercises, you can reduce any accent and ensure that your speech and communication  is clear and effective.


 Thousands of happy clients have reported increased confidence and receive an improved level of respect with this simple change to their daily life.


You can learn more about Joanna Gray’s Accent Reduction Programme by clicking the link right here: http://voice-training.org/index.php/product/accent-reduction-programme/


Or speak to Joanna directly by calling (+44)7794 993936