Voice Training can change your life

Do you have poor speech or lazy diction?  Did you know that the second thing that people notice about us after our appearance, is the way we speak?

Voice Training which used to be known as elocution, can make a significant difference to how we are perceived and how seriously we are taken by others.  If we speak badly or cannot be properly understood, it does not matter how many qualifications we have or how smartly we dress, we will be taken less seriously than those who speak well.  This may not sound fair, but it is true that we consider those who speak well to have more authority and even more intelligence than those who don’t.

Joanna Gray’s Voice Training Programmes are designed to take just ten minutes a day and can be used in your car whilst driving to work, listened to when you are dressing in the morning or uploaded to your PC and put onto the device of your choice.  Practice your exercises whilst walking the dog or jogging.  You will soon notice a significant difference to the way you sound and it will have a direct affect on your confidence.

Voice Training isn’t difficult.  It needn’t take years or even months to speak with good BBC English, known as RP diction. You only need a few simple tools to enhance your speech and once you have the CD, you will find that significant changes will take place quickly.  You don’t need to understand anything in detail.  The programmes are easy to follow whether English is your first or second language.


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