The Power of Speech – voice training will change your life

The first thing that people notice about you when they meet you is the way you look – how you dress, how you present yourself and how you hold yourself – all of these have an effect on how we are perceived by others.

But the second thing that people notice is the way you speak.  You can look a million dollars, but if your speech is clumsy or lazy, then that may well let you down in someone else’s eyes.

Having good communication skills is very important to being taken seriously in both your business and personal life.  Voice Training is simply the art of making your speech reflect who you are the best version of yourself. A few simple exercises used daily can make a very big difference to having good articulate speech and that can have a profound effect on how you are received by others.

Voice Training IS NOT DIFFICULT – in fact it is so simple that babies learn to speak without any tuition at all!  They simply learn to mimic the adults around them and Voice Training works in the same way.  There are three key steps to changing the way you speak:-




These three steps are key in changing speech.  Speech is a habit and the way to alter it is simply to approach it  in the same way as you approached learning to peak – through Repetition  (Imitation , Immersion into the language – and practice.

There are several easy ways you can do this.

One of them is to use the programmes on this site which are created to be easy to use and take you through daily exercises that will make a big difference to the way you speak, very quickly.


Joanna Gray (MA, BA Hons, Dip TA)

Voice Training and English Specialist.

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