Life Coaching

Joanna is a long term student of Anthony Robbins techniques and incorporates her extensive knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming into her sessions.

She works holistically with students to build confidence, positive self-image and to help them to achieve their goals.

Elocution and voice is only one part of the package offered to students. Joanna offers comprehensive all round assistance in goal setting, CV writing, interview technique, image enhancement and confidence building.

NLP and Voice Training go hand in hand.

Joanna Gray incorporates the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming into her methods of Voice Training.

“Voice Training is based on sound, simple principles. It does not have to be complicated. This is what most people do not understand. They think that the more complicated the product, the more effective it will be, when in fact the opposite is true. When something is tried, tested and works, there is no need to complicate it.”

Joanna speaking at US convention…2009


Her unique methods work in conjunction with NLP and this is what makes her approach unique.  She works holistically with her clients to set and obtain goals that help improve confidence, mind set, image and identity.

“Voice Training is not just about the way someone speaks, it is also about how they feel…In order to help someone overcome a life long speech problem, you need to understand the cause and not the symptom…..”

Give me the whole person, not just the speech and I will give you the voice…Joanna Gray

It is about how we see ourselves…not just how we hear ourselves…….Joanna Gray.

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