How to write a good speech

Speech Writing is an art form that anyone can master if they use a few well-tested principles.

  • Keep things simple.  Sometimes being too clever and witty can actually detract from the quality of your speech.  A few well written words are better than a long ramble.
  • Keep on topic.  Make sure that your content is specific to your topic and relevant to your audience.
  • Research the formalities and etiquette of your type of speech – wedding speeches for example are very different depending on whether you are father of the bride or the best man and should be both age and audience appropriate – you don’t want to shock Granny or the kids by being profane – it could start a family war before the marriage has got off the ground.
  • Don’t make your speech too long.  Especially if you are giving a wedding speech. Most people are hoping you will finish quickly and let them get on with enjoying the party.
  • Avoid corny jokes and over-sentimentality – what may seem sweet and endearing qualities about a person to you, may be too much for your audience to bear.  It’s fine to acknowledge people’s qualities but keep this to a few well-chosen words, rather than eulogising on every fine point of your daughter’s life of attributes – she may be your little girl who you are giving away if you are father of the bride, but to everyone else she is the bride and its’ enough to say she looks lovely and you are very proud.
  • Speech writing is something that everyone can do.  Start with noting the key points that you need to bring in.  If there are people you need to thank, then make sure you do this from the onset and don’t leave anyone out.  List the names of those who are important and don’t mimic the worst of the Holly wood speakers who when accepting awards thank everyone from the runner to the tea lady.
  • If you would like help with Speech writing please contact us and we will gladly help you to write a good speech and to present it well.  Joanna Gray has over twenty years experience of helping people write and memorise their speeches easily and you can be assisted online or in person at her home in Bedfordshire.

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