How to lose an accent

Do you have already speak reasonable English, but find that people still don’t understand you because you have an accent?

People will even very good English may be held back because no matter how they try, they can’t seem to sound authentic and their accent gets in the way of them being understood.

Accent Reduction is a specific skill that will help you to lose any accent, quickly and efficiently in just ten minutes of exercises a day.  Using an audio CD daily can greatly increase your chances of reducing any accent, regional or foreign.

Joanna Gray’s Accent Reduction CD programme takes you through a few simple exercises which are accessible and easy to use by anyone of any nationality or level of English.   This Voice Training Programme is specifically designed to use in your car or home for just ten minutes a day.

If you would like details about working with Joanna via Skype Online tuition, please contact us.  Sessions start at just £35 per half hour intensive and include free manuals and exercises.

Voice Training is easy – Online voice coaching will make a huge difference to the way you speak and will be one of the best investments you make for yourself.

How to lose an accent quickly and easily

How to lose an accent quickly and easily