voice training and accent reduction

How to get rid of an accent

Have you ever wished you could lose your accent?

Is it holding you back in your personal or professional life?

Do people have difficulty understanding you even though your basic English is fairly good?


Joanna Gray has designed an Accent Reduction Programme that is simple and easy to use and can be followed anywhere.  It takes just 10 minutes a day of daily work with her exercises to significantly reduce your accent, whether this is regional or foreign.  You can listen to the CD in the car, upload it to your PC or mobile device and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Voice Training is simple and change can be made quickly and easily using Joanna’s unique methods of Voice Training based on more than twenty years of experience of coaching professionals from all walks of life.

Joanna’s programmes are designed to work for all ages and abilities and for those who speak with either Foreign or Regional Accents.


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