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Advanced Voice Training Programme

CD and Ebook Manual This programme is for those who wish to enhance their spoken English skills or have used voice training before.  It is ideal for use with  Joanna Gray’s Standard Voice Training programme.  Helps increase projection, diaphragmatic breathing and adds power to your voice. To enhance voice training for public speaking, lecturing, presentation and performance skills.


Standard Voice Training Programme

CD and Ebook Manual Suitable from 13 years to adult. This Prorgramme works to modify accents, cure lazy speech, improve diction and teach Received Pronunciation – BBC English – Help with problem letters and sounds, speech difficulties such as stutters and stammers and gives an introduction to diaphragmatic breathing and voice projection.  Ideal for those with little or no previous experience of elocution or voice training.


Accent Reduction Programme

CD and Ebook Manual This programme is for those who want to reduce an accent either regional or foreign. The accents covered are Southern, Northern, Gaelic, West Indian. South African, Asian, Chinese, Mexican, Carribean, Italian, Spanish and Eastern European. Modify any accent in just ten minutes a day of training, fast and effective.


Kids’ Voice Training Programme

CD and Ebook Manual

Voice training for children aged 3 to 12 Fun programme, ten minutes a day.  This programme helps with lazy speech, difficulties with specific letters and sounds, stutters, stammers and teaches children the basics of diaphragmatic breathing in ways which are enjoyable.


Complete Pack of Childrens’ & Standard Voice Training Programme

Two CDs and Ebook Manuals for children and adults. This pack includes Joanna Gray’s Voice Training Standard CD & Manual & Kids’ Voice Training CD and manual. Lose an accent Speak perfect BBC English, overcome speech difficulties and problem letters and sounds. Programmes as above – RRP £52.00 saving over £15.00


Complete All Level Voice Training Pack

3 CDs and 3 Ebook Manuals

Adults Standard Voice Training, Childrens’ Voice Training & Advanced Voice Training. All three programmes as detailed above – RRP £78 Saving over £38.00


Complete Voice Training & Accent Reduction Pack

3 CDs and 3 Ebook Manuals

Adults Standard Voice Training, Accent Reduction Programme & Advanced Voice Training. All three programmes as above – RRP £78 Saving over £38.00


Advanced & Standard Voice Training Programme

For perfect speech and advanced skills.

2 CDs and 2 Ebook Manuals

Programmes as above RRP £52.00 Saving over £15.00


Standard Voice Training Ebook Manual

Joanna Gray’s  Famous voice training Manual , packed with information and exercises for fast effective results in just a few minutes a day.  Purifies speech and accents.  Speak BBC English, achieve clear diction.


Kids’ Voice Training Ebook Manual

Designed to make voice training fun and easy for children. Just a few minutes a day of easy exercises will modify speech difficulties and help to overcome problem sounds and poor diction. Children will enjoy the Kids’ Voice Training Program.


Advanced Voice Training Ebook Manual

Advanced Voice Training for those with some experience of voice training/Elocution. Ideal for teachers, Lecturers and Professionals who need more power and projection when speaking or those who want to enhance skills already achieved in the Standard Manual.


Elocution for European Non-English Speakers

This manual is designed for European non-English speakers specifically to help overcome difficulties with accents, words and sounds. Ideal for those with pronunciation difficulties but who have a reasonable level of spoken English.


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