Voice Training

Modify Accents - Regional & foreign
Cure Lazy Speech
Improve Diction & Confidence
Be more effective in business
Communicate better with clients
Sell more products and services
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Joanna Gray talks about her methods of Voice Training

 Voice Training

by Joanna Gray MA, BA hons, Cert. EFL, Dip Theatre Arts

Voice Training, once better known as Elocution, can effect many positive changes in your life. One’s confidence can be greatly increased by the means of clear speech. It can also affect the way that other people view us and how seriously we are taken.

Clumsy or poor diction can stand in our way of being properly heard and considered where it is important to be. Whilst many people have tremendous knowledge in certain fields, without the means to articulate this in a powerful and effective way through clear communication, this wisdom may remain unshared and untapped.

Minor changes in our speech habits can make major differences to the way we present ourselves and are received by others.

Using the courses you will be able to:-

  • Modify Accents – Regional & foreign
  • Add Power & Clarity
  • Overcome Speech Impediments such as Stammers and Stutters
  • Cure Lazy Speech
  • Improve Diction & Confidence
  • Be more effective in business
  • Communicate better with clients
  • Sell more products and services
  •  Direct teaching & Online tuition via Skype

Most of us lead busy lives and don’t have the time to spend on lengthy courses which is why Joanna’s Voice Training Programmes are designed to take just ten minutes a day and involve using repetition of simple exercises that really do work. The techniques can be quickly mastered and the exercises can be done at your convenience.

Once the basic principles are mastered, they can be easily intergrated into daily activities.  Joanna cuts through the technicalities and fine tunes this to what you need to make fast effective changes.

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Voice Training

Can open many doors. Celebrity Voice Coach Joanna Gray has developed a system of Voice Training that produces fast effective results in just ten minutes a day.

Online Training

Joanna Gray offers Online Tuition to a select number of clients. This is the ideal option for those who have busy schedules and commitments and require evening or weekend tuition.

Corporate Clients?

Accent Reduction

This programme is for those who want to reduce an accent either regional or foreign. The accents covered are Southern, Northern, Gaelic, West Indian. South African, Asian, Chinese, Mexican, Carribean, Italian, Spanish and Eastern European. Modify any accent in just ten minutes a day of training, fast and effective.

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Standard Voice Training Programme

This Prorgramme works to modify accents, cure lazy speech, improve diction and teach Received Pronunciation – BBC English – Help with problem letters and sounds, speech difficulties such as stutters and stammers and gives an introduction to diaphragmatic breathing and voice projection.  Ideal for those with little or no previous experience of elocution or voice training.

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Advanced Voice Training Programme

This programme is for those who have advanced spoken English skills or have used voice training before.  It is ideal for those who have followed Joanna Gray’s Standard Voice Training programme.  Helps with projection, diaphragmatic breathing and adds power to your voice.

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“We have worked with Jo on a number of occasions with significant success.  Through discussions both with us and the individuals she has worked with, she has very quickly gained trust, offered invaluable insight and has helped enable confidence that has resulted in a positive measurable effect on performance. Jo has strong commercial acumen which has definitely benefitted us. We would have no hestiation recommending Jo.
  ”      D.Wyatt -The MPA Group